HVAC Program


HVAC Program

Maryland residential customers of Potomac Edison can save energy and money with rebates on heating and cooling solutions for their homes.

Save Now and for Years to Come

The savings start up front with rebates you can earn when you replace a less-efficient system with the latest high-efficiency HVAC technology. The savings continue month after month with reduced energy usage and increased efficiency.

Earn Rebates on Qualified Purchases and Services

Work with a participating contractor to receive valuable rebates on qualified energy-saving HVAC solutions:

  • Up to $900 on the installation of a new high-efficiency central air conditioner — depending on the efficiency rating, earn a rebate of $450 to $900 and reduce your cooling costs by as much as 30 percent.*
  • Up to $1,125 on the purchase of an air-to-air heat pump — install an energy-efficient alternative to traditional furnaces and air conditioners to save energy all year long.
  • Up to $540 on ductless mini-split heat pumps** — an excellent solution for homes without duct work, they provide both a heating and cooling solution for your home.
  • $1,620 on the installation of an ENERGY STAR-certified geothermal heat pump — take advantage of a renewable and efficient technology for heating, cooling and often, water heating
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Experienced and professional, a participating contractor can assess your current system, explain your options and perform a quality system tune-up or installation. Before you select a Participating Contractor, be sure to check out ENERGY STAR's 10 Tips for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor.

Help with Loans

Learn how to save even more with loan options offered by the Maryland Clean Energy Center. Loans are available to help cover the cost of certain home improvements.

There are also grants available for up to $3,000 for geothermal systems from the Maryland Energy Administration. And federal tax credits of 30% of the cost for ENERGY STAR-certified geothermal equipment and installation, with no upper limit, is available through December 31, 2016.

Take advantage of these and other energy-saving rebates from Potomac Edison! Click here to download a comprehensive list of Residential Energy Efficiency Programs and available rebates.

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  • *Source: energystar.gov
  • **Ductless air conditioners refer to mini-split air conditioning systems with an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor wall mounted or ceiling mounted air handler.